Ghosts in Room 14

Room 14 made some really spooky ghosts this week for Halloween. We made small structures first using balloons and toilet roll holders, then used plaster of Paris strips for the ghost itself. It was so messy but so much fun!

They’re pretty cool to make and if you like getting messy – it’s a great project!
Kristin, Room 14
You should definitely try them at home because they’re really easy. They’re great for spooking people at Halloween!
Rachel, Room 14

Persuasive posters in Room 15

The pupils were working hard on persuasive language in English and wrote letters and created group posters.

They were trying to create a poster campaign for a new brand of roller skates. They presented them to the class.


Minibeast hunt in Room 15 – Ourselves and Living Things

The pupils were busy finding minibeasts and marking them off their lists.

It was great fun.

Science fun in Room 12 – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 12 were learning the functions of a tree trunk by experimenting with celery.

Procedural writing in Room 12

Literacy: Room 12 were learning about procedure writing. How to make a jam sandwich.

2nd class at the maths fair – Maths Week 2017

Everybody was very busy using their maths eyes at the maths fair this year.

Garda visit the 5th classes

Garda Brendan, Garda Gavin and Garda Ciara visited the 5th classes this week to talk to us about safety at Halloween. They spoke about how to act safely, to look after our pets and how to enjoy celebrations safely. We did a couple of competitions where children won medals and certificates! 


It was great fun! Thanks to the Gardaí for taking time out to come to see us.