St. Vincent De Paul food appeal 2017

This year the pupils and staff of St. Louis SPS were very generous in their donation to the St. Vincent De Paul food appeal. The boys and girls brought in lots of food and filled up boxes for families in need this Christmas.

The food was collected by some volunteers from St. Vincent De Paul and they were astounded by the generosity of the people in the school.

We collected a MASSIVEĀ total of 67 full boxes to help lots of different families in the community!!!

We should be very proud of ourselves. It is so super to help others this Christmas.

Well done to Room 15 also for all their hard work collecting and transporting the boxes.

One thought on “St. Vincent De Paul food appeal 2017

  1. Thank all the students in St. Louis, and thank for teacher. We had a very busy day for collecting those boxes, At last all the car is full but a few boxes haven’t done, so they pick all the food up and fill the last small space. I’m wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Thanks again!

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