A special visitor to Room 11

The children in Room 11 have been learning all about the 1960s, and what better way to learn than to speak to someone who was a child during that time…Ms Johnston’s mam! 

Mary was able to answer all the children’s questions and they were able to compare life during the 1960s with life today. It was so much fun!

Paired reading – Room 10 & Room 12

The boys and girls in Room 12 were paired together to read with pupils from Room 10. They helped with reading and understanding new words.

Spreading lovely vibes in Room 15

During friendship fortnight this year Room 15 were thinking of their favourite things about their classmates.

We shared them with each other. Check out all the lovely compliments we wrote for each other.

It was a super day!

Rainbows in Room 12 – Forces and Energy

Room 12 were busy in science creating rainbows using light!