PE in Room 12

Room 12 doing yoga and skipping for PE.


Room 12 – learning about weight – Maths

Room 12 are learning about weight in Maths!

Catholic School Week 2018

We celebrated Catholic Schools Week in St. Louis. We all came together during the week and listened to stories and prayed together.


Room 17 – Boxing fun

Room 17 were learning lots of boxing skills this year and showed them off at the boxing showcase at the National Boxing Arena.

Room 17 – clay artists

Pupils in Room 17 were busy creating fantastic art using clay.

Room 12 – learning about measurement – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 5 helping Room 12 measure their body parts for Maths.

Room 12 – Fantastic artists

Room 12 were making wonderful Diwali lanterns for art this week. They look great!

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week in St. Louis

All of the pupils went to the hall this week to attend an assembly about Catholic Schools week.