Musical treats in Room 15

Room 15 pupil Jiali treated the pupils in Room 15 to a musical performance this week.

She was playing the guzheng which is a traditional instrument from Asia and it sounded fantastic.

Thank you so much Jiali.

Room 15 attend the IRFU open training session

The boys and girls in Room 15 were very lucky to attend the Aviva Stadium and see the National rugby team training and meet some of the players.

We saw the under 20’s team and the national team that day. It was a super day!

5th class – Irish dancing

The pupils in 4th year in St. Louis High School came to Halla Cullen this week to teach the 5th class pupils some Irish dancing.

It as great to learn a new dance. Thanks to the girls and teachers for coming from St. Louis High School to teach us.

Room 3 – learning about Ogham stones

Room 3 had an exciting morning learning all about Ogham stones with Nora White from The Heritage Council.