Clay in Room 12

Making clay pinch pots in art.


Learning about materials in Room 12 – Materials and Change

We are learning about natural and manmade materials in Science. Today we made abstract art using materials we found outside or at home. 

BT Young Scientists awards – Showcase Event

Room 6 and Mr. Roche attended the Young Scientists Awards. They were showing their experiment all about whether the use of digital games would improve their table’s test score.

They also got to see lots of other experiments and tests.

It was a great day.

Silhouette art in Room 15 – Forces and Energy

With Mr. Lane, the pupils created their own figures using tin foil. Using these figures they were able to shine a torch on one side to create a silhouette. They were learning about shadows and light.

The pupils then sketched the figures onto the paper.

Well done everyone!

Future cricket stars in Room 15?

Some ladies from Leinster Cricket Club in Rathmines came into school to each us lots of cricket skills.

It was so much fun.