Room 12 – Fun in the park

Room 12 went to Harold’s Cross park for a picnic.

6th class graduation

The 6th class of 2018 graduated from St. Louis.

It was a lovely ceremony to send them off into secondary school.

Well done to all the pupils and best of luck in the future.

5th class – garda community football fun day

5th class went to Cathal Brugha barracks with the local garda and took part in lots of different soccer activities.

It was great fun!


Lifesaving with Ms. O’ Brien

Room 15 were very lucky to have Ms. O’ Brien to come into the class and taught us about water safety and lifesaving. We learned about how to be safe in the water and how to act if we get into trouble.

It was really interesting and we learned a lot. Thanks to Ms. O’ Brien.

Learning with Mr. Lane

Room 15 were very lucky to get to learn with Mr. Lane.

We learned so much and has great fun!

Room 15 canal trip

Room 15 were very lucky to learn all about our local resource – The Grand Canal from expert Eanna Ní Lamhna.

We learned all about the plants and animals that live there as well as the history of the canal.

It was very interesting.

End of year choir performance

The St. Louis choir treated the parents to their end of year performance. It was clear how much work the pupils and all of the choir teachers put in throughout the year.

Well done.


Morse code in Room 15

The pupils were learning all about light and electricity with Mr. Lane and they used their knowledge of circuits to send Morse code messages.

It was great fun!



Platform concert 2018

Lots of pupils auditioned to be a part of the platform concert this year. Some people made it through the auditions and onto the stage.

Well done to all who auditioned and all who took part.

Roomm 3 – Junior Achievement

Room 3 had a fantastic day out visiting the offices of KPMG! They were presented with their Junior Achievement certificates, had an opportunity to present their business ideas to the directors and even had a birthday celebration!