Active Week 2018 Day #4

On Thursday the pupils took part in lots more fun activities. Some pupils dod some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Ms. Doherty. Some other classes were practicing running drills with Ms. Daniels and others were doing yoga with Mr. Mooney.

The classes were also busy in their own rooms doing 10@10 activities and yoga too.

In the afternoon we all came together in the yard to do a school dance and then we had a dance party.

It was a great day!!

Canal projects in 5th class

The pupils in 5th class were learning all about our local Grand Canal. Eanna NĂ­ Lamhna came into school and took us on a tour of the canal and told us all about its history, wildlife and plants.

The pupils then has to produce a project all about what they had learned. They worked very hard and Eanna came back into school to choose the winners of the project competition.