Shoe box appeal in Room 17

For the shoe box appeal our class brought in 6 shoe boxes in the first 9 days! The shoe box appeal is to help the kids who are living in bad conditions. To make their life happier, in the shoe box you can put toys, things to wash, clothes, teddies, socks, sunglasses and lots more.

Written by Theo and Eduard

Parachutes in Room 17

We made parachutes for science. They were made from different materials to test gravity. The cardboard parachute flew the best. We used playdough people to weigh it down at it was a very windy day!

Written by Eduard and Theo

Free writing in Room 17

Every week we let the class of room 17 do free writing. Some children are writing poems, stories, comic books, a series of a story with a friend and drawing pictures to add to their stories. This week we had two girls, Charlie and Misheel, read their story. They wrote a scary story and they read it to the class. We really enjoyed it!

Written by Theo and Eduard

Arts and crafts in Room 17

We made pictures from scrap paper, pom poms, wool string, sequins, wooden sticks and feathers. Then we coloured them in neatly (if we also drew on the page). Then we glued the materials on to the pictures.

Written by Theo and Eduard

Leaf printing in Room 17

For art we divided a page into 4 or 6 boxes and we painted them in different colours. Then we let them dry and we painted the leaves. After we painted the leaves we pressed them on the page and we let them dry on the page for about 20 seconds and we took them off the page. This left behind a print of each leaf.

Written by Theo and Eduard