Room 9 – History of Rathmines trail

6th class in Room 9 have been busying learning about the history of Rathmines and are currently working on some projects. Last week, we went on a history trail of Rathmines. We discovered lots of history in our locality and learned lots of new information about the church, the Swan River, the library, the town hall, St. Mary’s, the old Kodak building, the Post Office, Belgrave Park and even the houses along Williams Park!¬†Our last stop of the trail was in Belgrave Park and we were lucky enough to enjoy a break and some fun in the autumn leaves after our busy morning!

2 thoughts on “Room 9 – History of Rathmines trail

  1. Well done Room 9! I really love the History of our town; it’s so interesting t learn about. It’s great to see that you’re enjoying it too.
    P.S: Your Rathmines maps in class are fantastic!!

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