Being historians in Room 15

4th class were talking about games and pastimes in their history class. They went home and asked parents and grandparents about games that were played in the past.

The pupils in Room 15 then came back to school and reported their information to their classmates.

We learned a lot about fun games in the past and we are going to try to play some of them!


Learning about angles in 4th class

Room 15 were learning about acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles. We found lots of angles in our school!

School hurling

We have completed four weeks out of six in St. Louis SPS now and the Hurling Club children have made lots of progress and more importantly, have had lots of fun along the way!


We are all looking forward to our big match on Thursday 25th October at 13:45pm where we look forward to showing off our skills and hard work to the parents and pupils of St. Louis.


Anyone who has really enjoyed the last few weeks should think about joining Kevin’s GAA in Dolphin’s Barn where they train every Saturday morning at 10:30am. They have hurls and helmets to lend to the children and they are providing fun and entertainment for children of all levels.


Anyone with any questions, please come in and have a chat with Mr. Whelan who would be happy to help!