Halloween dress up day 2018

The pupils were dressed up in all kinds of costumes on the day of the mid term.

Everyone looked great.

We even had another Ms. Hanrahan!!

Future hurling stars in 2nd class!

After training for weeks with Mr. Whelan, the hurlers from 2nd class invited their parents into school to see a match.

Well done to everyone!

Carving pumpkins in Room 12

The boys and girls in Room 12 were busy this week preparing for Halloween by cleaning out and carving pumpkins.

Well done!

Maths fair in Room 12

The pupils in Room 12 went to the maths fair this week.

They learned all about weight, length, shape and measure from the pupils in Room 5. Well done everyone!

Persuasive posters in Room 15

Th pupils in Room 15 became advertisement executives and they were trying to invent and advertise a new toy.

They worked together in groups. Some pupils were the inventors, some designers and some worked on their presentation skills and a jingle for their product.

They then presented their finished product to the class.

Well done everyone!