Aldi play rugby sticker appeal

Here in St. Louis SPS we are collecting the rugby stickers from Aldi when €30 is spent in store.

We are off to a great start already with lots of stickers brought in by the boys and girls.

Getting ready for the Chinese New Year in Room 15

The pupils in Room 15 were learning all about Chinese New Year which is celebrated this year on Tuesday 5th February 2019. This year the Chinese are celebrating the year of the PIG.

We made Chinese paper lanterns and decorated them with the Chinese symbol for the word PIG.

Active breaks in Room 15

The boys and girls could not go to the yard at break time due to the rain and they pushed back the tables and chairs and did some physical activity using the 10@10 videos.

It was great to get physical activity even though it was raining!

Symmetry in Room 15

Room 15 were learning all about symmetrical shapes in maths this week.

We drew half of a shape and then our friends had to complete them making them symmetrical.


The power of persuasion in Room 15

The boys and girls in Room 15 have been learning all about persuasive writing with Mr Mooney.

They then went to the other classrooms and read out a persuasive piece using their very best persuasive voices.

Well done everyone!

Football skills in Room 15

The boys and girls in Room 15 were practicing their soccer skills.

They learned about dribbling the ball and we finished with a match.

Go Noodle in Room 10

The pupils were taking an active break in Room 10.

They used Go Noodle online and followed the dances.

Well done!

Learning about Water Safety in Room 10

All of the pupils in St. Louis learn about water safety and in Room 10 they were doing their Land PAWS lessons.

Everyone got a great water safety magazine to read too.

Well done everyone!

Learning about decimals in Room 15

The pupils were learning about place value in decimals.

With the help of some pupils in Room 15 we were able to figure out the correct place for each value in the number.