3rd classes meet an author!

This week some of the 3rd classes were lucky enough to meet Shane Hegarty, author of the Darkmouth and Boot series. Over the past few weeks we’ve been reading his book about a lost robot named Boot. We learned some great tips about writing and we had a chance to ask questions and share some of our ideas for robot inventions!

IRFU open training session 2020

Room 1 were lucky enough to go along to Energia park today and see the Irish Senior Rugby team and the Irish under 20’s men training.

It was great seeing them all and how hard they train. We even got to meet some of them once they were finished!

It was a super day!

Bee seed bombs in Room 13

As part of the action to achieve our 5th green flag for biodiversity, we are looking at ways to encourage life in our school. Ms Ivers kindly came in and taught us about the importance of bees and the ways different countries are helping them. Using clay, soil and seeds we created bee seed bombs which is perfect for pollinators. We can’t wait until the weather is drier to put these into some grassy/wild areas!

Learning new skills in Room 13

We are really enjoying having the students in from De la Salle school teaching us different sports. So far we have done rugby skills, football and tag rugby.

Pancake Tuesday in Room 13

We were so lucky that Ms Stone (expert pancake maker) came into our class to show us how to make the perfect pancake. To make the batter you need flour, milk and eggs. We all got the chance to flip the pancakes. Did you know the world’s largest pancake is bigger than 15m in diameter?!!!

Pop art in Room 1

Room 1 were learning about Roy Liechtenstein and his pop art movement in art with Ms. Dennedy.

Look at these cool pop art inspired 3-D pieces!

Procedural writing fun in Room 1

With Ms. Dennedy Room 1 were learning about recipes. They were learning the correct method for making pancakes. They measured out the ingredients and mixed them together and then got to make pancakes. We got to decorate them with our favourite toppings!

What a delicious way to learn about writing recipes!


Procedural writing in Room 13

Bhí seomra 13 ag foghlaim faoin bia.. so we decided the best way to learn was by ag deanamh oideas for milkshakes! They were very yummy and we learned lots of new vocabulary!

Mexico projects in Room 17

We in Room 17 worked hard for the past month on group projects about Mexico. Every person in each group had a different role  and each group researched and based their project on a different aspect of Mexico.


We presented our projects to Room 1, who were a wonderful audience. They asked some great questions and gave us some wonderful feedback. We even sampled some Mexican foods including guacamole and salsa!


Everyone really enjoyed the presentations and it was great to celebrate all of the hard work we put in 😊

Procedural writing in Room 1

Room 1 are learning all about procedural writing. Today we took a trip to Milano’s pizza restaurant on Dublin’s Dawson Street to learn all about the procedure of making pizza.

We even became the pizza chefs!!

We learned the ingredients that go into the pizza dough, then put sauce and cheese on them and popped them into the oven.

We got to taste our delicious pizzas once they were cooked!

It was s super day!