Room 7 – science fun!

The boys and girls were very busy exploring electrical circuits, conductors and insulators.

It was great fun and we learned so much.

English activities in Room 7

Examining the illustrations in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

ICT fun in Room 7

Research using our new tablets.

Science fun in Room 7

The pupils in Room 7 were exploring magnetism.

Science fair fun in Room 7

Room 7 invited second and third classes to learn about Detective Skills, Taste and Smell, Floating, Magic Colours and Flight.

Scientists in Room 7

Science Demos to rooms 12,and 5 . The experiments were about Elephant Toothpaste, Exploding Volcanoes and Magic Colours.

It was great fun and we learned so much!

Room 7 – Bug detectives

After our fieldtrip to Belgrave Square, we brought some mini beasts back for closer inspection.

Room 7 – learning about large numbers

Room 7 were working with steady hands, teamwork and large numbers.