ipad work in Room 8

Today in Room 8 we got to use the iPads! We worked on Spellings for Me, tested ourselves on the counties of Ireland and did some programming work on Scratch!

Lego Champion in Room 1

Minh in room 1 had a wonderful weekend. He won the first prize in the Dublin Lego competition (6-8 years group). He said it took him two days to build his creation. Maith thú Minh!

Room – exploring the colour wheel

Room 1 explored the colour wheel in art. We looked at primary colours, secondary colours, warm and cool colours. We turned these colour wheels into eyes! You can see them on display as you walk into  school outside room 1.

2nd class assembly

Second class enjoyed a virtual assembly today with Ms Hanrahan. We looked at the school Golden Rules, talked about being a crew and Ms Hanrahan even read us a funny story about not eating your classmates! Thanks Ms Hanrahan!