Room 4 have been busy!

We have been having a great time settling back into room 4 this September. We been busy celebrating some birthdays, entering a ‘Create a villain’ competition for Roald Dahl Day, going to the field for P.E., participating in a quizmaster challenge and much more. We thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Zoom Assembly’ with Ms Hanrahan on the interactive whiteboard. We are looking forward to many more fun activities in October!

Tag rugby lessons for Room 15

Room 15 started their Tag Rugby lessons on Friday with Leinster Rubgy coach Ger in the Army Barracks. We had so much fun and can’t wait for our next lesson!

ipad mapwork in Room 15

Room 15 were busy learning and testing their geographical knowledge on both Irish counties and European countries through mapwork games on the iPads.

Oragami paper folding in Room 8

n Room 8 we love relaxing with a good book! We made our own personalised monster bookmarks using origami paper.