Happy Halloween from Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were busy drawing some scary Frankenstein art this week.

Monster art in Room 14

These monster are ready for the Parent Association’s sponsored Monster Mosh!!


Artwork in Room 17

These are pictures of room 17’s Japanese Kabuki masks for Hallowe’en.

St. Louis celebrates Maths Week 2020

All of the pupils in St. Louis SPS were busy taking on lots of different maths challenges last week. They were using their maths eyes to complete different maths tasks.

Well done everyone!

Maths week fun in Room 8

In Room 8 we had great fun celebrating Maths Week. We had a go at solving riddles, estimating the amount of marbles in a jar, taking part in a virtual maths trail and playing lots of maths games. Here we are inventing our own maths board games. We’re looking forward to playing them next week!

Procedural writing in Room 9

The pupils in Room 9 were making toast for a procedural writing activity.

Gaeilge work in Room 9

The boys and girls were busy playing Gaeilge Bingo in Room 9.

Great project work in Room 16

Room 16 has done tremendous work on our projects of countries around the world! We all learned lots of new facts about countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and even South America. Take a look at our super country explorers!

Procedural writing in Room 1

Room 1 have started learning about procedural writing. Today we instructed Ms Bennett how to make a cheese sandwich. These were the results!! We learned quite quickly how important it is to write detailed instructions. I don’t think anybody would like the first sandwich we made!