Quiz time in Room 9

The boys and girls in Room 9 had a class quiz on the school ipads!

Zoom assembly in Room 9

There was lots of excitement for their first Zoom Assembly with Mrs Hanrahan and the other 2nd classes.

Gaeilge quiz in Room 9

Today’s Irish lesson about body parts. The pupils had fun quizzing each other.

Pod games in Room 9

The pupils in Room 9 enjoy pod games on a Friday!

History homework in Room 9

The pupils were sharing their homework about toys from their past for History.

Tree day in Room 9

Horse Chestnut Tree Day Out. We took rubbings of the tree’s leaves and collected conkers.

Freindship Fortnight in Room 8

We had a great start to Friendship Fortnight in Room 8 this week! We’ve enjoyed playing outside in the sun and doing random acts of kindness for each other. We’ve just started our friendship posters so stay tuned for more updates next week!