Learning about The Celts in Room 8

In Room 8 we have been working hard on our projects on The Celts. Everyone did a fantastic job! Congratulations  to project winners Roberto, Marta, Niamh, Eli, Ryan and Ianis!


Advent in Room 3

We’ve been very busy getting ready for advent.  We are particularly enjoying completing our St. Louis Advent Calendar. Today, our advent calendar activity is to compliment someone! Later on, we will try and guess who completed their activity in school!

Learning about the continents in Room 3

We were learning all about continents and oceans this week in Room 3!

SPHE in Room 3

We discussed difficult conversations today in SPHE. We spoke about what might make a conversation difficult and then we ordered conversation scenarios from least to most difficult. We had great fun acting out our scenarios afterwards and trying to guess the right scenario!

Room 4 – November work

Check out our trip to the park and our ‘Trojan Horse’ art!

Moveable fish in Room 10

Room 10 having a blast creating Moveable Fish inspired by the story of the Salmon of Knowledge!

The make and do show 2020 in Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were learning all about procedural writing and decided to make some tutorial videos using the procedural skills we learned.

We worked in our pods to write the scripts (remembering our procedural language), we prepared the onjects that we needed and we shot our tutorial videos.

We hope you enjoy them.

There are videos titled:

How to be safe in school during Covid-19

How to make hot chocolate

How to play sticks

How to make a paper Christmas wreath



Procedural writing in Room 8

In English we have been learning how to write procedures. We wrote a recipe for hot chocolate and decided to try it out! We added a selection of toppings- white chocolate, milk chocolate, marshmallows, cream and sprinkles. What’s your favourite? Have a look at Emma and Taya’s copies if you’d like to try out this delicious recipe!

Project presentation in Rom 16

We have all learned so much during our research on all sorts of animals!
Take a look at the fantastic projects created by Room 16!

Chemical reactions in Room 3

Jhonrave and Rian used a chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda to inflate a balloon! They mixed baking soda and vinegar inside a bottle and attached a balloon to the top opening of the bottle. When the baking soda and vinegar mixed, they created carbon dioxide. This gas began to expand the bottle and because it had nowhere else to go, it began inflating the balloon too.