Science games with Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were in the computer room today using their scientific skills to complete lots of online science activities to celebrate Science Week 2020.


Science week fun in Room 11

We are celebrating Science Week in room 11. We made spaghetti towers today. We designated jobs to each person in our group. These jobs included the planner, material collector, measurer, builder and surveyor. We had great fun building tall, structurally sound towers!

Project presentations in Room 13

In Room 13, we have been very busy working on projects about the Native Americans.
Today we got to show off our hard work by doing Project Presentations. We spoke about our different subheadings, read our favourite parts, talked about our drawings and about what we enjoyed and found difficult.
We learned so much from each other’s hard work and enjoyed the process of doing a project. 😊