Novel work in Room 16

Great work being done on our class novel ‘Charlotte’s Web’.
A super display of comprehension, prediction and artistic skills being put on display daily!
Keep up the fantastic work Room 16!

Christmas poster competition in Room 3

Some of us in Room 3 chose to enter the RTE Christmas poster competition. We’re crossing our fingers!

Africa Project Work in Room 15

Room 15 have been busy learning about Africa in Geography. We completed this class project on all the African countries – it was such a fun and different way to do project work. Check out the project from the beginning to the final piece!

ICT and science week in Room 9

Room 9 were playing Science games on the school tablets!

Room 5 – P.E fun in the park

Room 5 went to Belgrave Square for P.E this week.

There was football, class hide and seek and chasing games going on! There was even some building!


Collecting data in Room 1

Room 1 were learning about data with Ms Butler. We compared the number of sweets in each box and made corresponding bar charts. There weren’t many twirls. We of course sampled some of the chocolates. What a tasty way to learn about data!

Building fun in Room 9

Building towers with spaghetti and marshmallows!

Room 9 – more science week fun

We were learning about the link with our brain and our senses!

Water droplet examinations in Room 9

Room 9  were examining water droplets during science week!