Procedural Writing and Presentations in Room 15

We have been spending the last few weeks working on both our procedural writing and oral language skills. We worked hard in our pods to create our own procedure presentations remembering both the procedure writing structure and language features. Check out the following videos to see our final masterpieces!

Pod 1: How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Pod 2: How to Make Hot Chocolate

Pod 3: How to Make Smores

Pod 4: How to Make Rocky Road

2D shapes in Room 9

Room 9 were learning about 2d shapes in maths.

Room 9 visit Santa

There was great excitement in Room 9 as the boys and girls visited Santa’s winter wonderland!

Bird watching in Room 9

Room 9 went to the Grand Canal and were doing some winter bird spotting!

Christmas crowns in Room 9

The pupils were very busy this year making some wonderful crown creations!

Clay art in Room 9

Everyone was making clay Christmas decorations.