Pod projects in Room 13

We are all delighted to be back to school in Room 13. It’s lovely to see each other again. We are working on ‘Pod Projects’, where each of us in our pod, has a different role. Every group has a Leader, a Delegator, a Recorder, a Researcher, an Artist and a Minder. It’s nice to connect with each other again, while learning lots. Our projects are on The 1916 Rising. We can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Learning about Henri Matisse

We were learning all about the French artist Henri Matisse as our Artist of the Month in Room 5. We learned all about his impressionism art and his ‘painting with scissors’ technique.

We decided to take inspiration from his work and create our own collage art using his ‘painting with scissors’ technique. We than named our art pieces.

They turned out great!!