Rap skills in Room 3

We looked at the basics of rap music today! We got a chance to write a rap in our pods and share it with the class. We wrote some very creative raps about animals, food, and a weekly plan!

Capital cities with Room 3

We learned about the capital cities in Europe!

Learning Italian with Room 3

Laura taught us some Italian phrases today in Room 3, as we continued to learn all about Italy! Laura said our pronunciation was “eccellente”!

Mosaic art with Room 3

Room 3 experimented with some mosaic art inspired by The Ancient Romans!

Capacity with Room 3

We worked on capacity this week in maths. We estimated in our pods, guessing how many smaller containers it would take to fill larger containers. Then, we tested them out!

Cool down after Carnivale

Room 3 enjoyed some ice pops after Carnival!

Gaeilge recipes in Room 3

Room 3 wrote delicious recipes in Gaeilge!

Carnivale masks with Room 3

Look at our fantastic carnival masks!

Crossword winners in Room 3

Well done to our Bia crossword winners!

Millennuim fun with Room 3

Millennium fun in the sun!