Report writing with Room 5

We were learning about report writing. We all chose 3 Olympic sports that feature in the Summer Olympic games and we had to write a report on them. We displayed them together on the notice boards at the front of the school.

It was great to learn so much about so many new sports!

Carnivale with Room 6

We had great fun celebrating Carnivale.

Sports day with Room 6

We had so much fun!

Room 5 – sports day

We went to Kenilworth Park this year and took part in some super races and activities. It was great!

The we danced in Room 5!

Sports day for Room 9

All the 2nd classes went to Leinster Cricket Club and did lots of games and races. It was a great day.

Room 1 – School tour

The boys and girls had a great time on their school tour this year.