Friendship Fortnight clean up

Room 5 were thinking of different ways to show kindness around the school.

We decided to thank Pat, our caretaker by helping him out with a leaf clean up in the Millennium Playground!

Thanks for all you do for us Pat and thanks for being our friend!

Noun work in Room 10

Room 10 learning the difference between Common and Proper Nouns using a board game in our Over the Moon book!

Experiments with sound in Room 5

We were discussing sound vibrations in science this month and tested our learning by making string telephones.

We worked together to make our telephones in class and then went outside to test them out!

We were able to send messages to each other using the vibrations of the string.

It was great fun!

P.E at the Barracks with Room 1

Room 1 have really been enjoying going to the Barracks for PE. We practised team games which included moving a hulahoop all around a circle without letting each others hands go! After a few goes we were experts at it!!

STEM in Room 10

Room 10’s STEM challenges this week were to make the tallest tower possible out of one piece of A4 paper and to make a pair of glasses- how do you think we did?

Maths in Room 1

Room 1 have been working very hard on subtracting two digit numbers. We used the iPads for the first time to say to practise our subtraction skills!

Marbling in Room 1

During English this week, room 1 have been exploring different art forms including paper maché, paper dolls and marbling . We decided to try our hand at one of them! We learned that this art process happens as oil and water don’t mix and oil floats to the top with the food colouring creating beautiful patterns. Our beautiful art can be spotted in room 1!

Learning about Georgian Dublin with Room 5

Room 5 have been learning all about Georgian Dublin and the features of a Georgian house.

We went on a tour into Dublin’s city centre and went to the houses surrounding Merrion Square and studied the Georgian architecture. We even saw where Daniel O’ Connell lived.

We then got to eat lunch and play in Merrion Square. It was a great day and we learned so much.

Learning about the skeleton in Room 4

In Room 4, we are learning all about The Skeletal System.
Today we made a life-sized skeleton! We had lots of fun while we have learned the names of many different bones and muscles in our bodies.

Mental maths skills in Room 10

Room 10 playing a game of “three in a row” to practice our mental addition!