Active fun with Room 3

Room 3 were enjoying some active fun in the barracks!

Gaeilge with Room 3

Learning all about our friends and family in Room 3 as Gaeilge! 

Learning about energy in Room 3

Learning all about energy and how we can generate some energy ourselves with Pedalcents. Students in  Room 3 generated enough energy to power a PS5 for a few seconds, charge a phone as well as start an electric shower! 

This is me with Room 3

This Is Me art fun in Room 3!

Gaeilge with Room 3

Learning all about m’áit chónaithe in Gaeilge in Room 3!

Showing friendship in Room 3

Making friendship posters in Room 3!

Angles in a triangle with Room 5

5th class were learning about lines and angles this week. We learned that all 3 angles in a triangle always add up to 180 degrees. We tested on lots of different shaped triangles!

Frisbee Fun with Room 10

Room 10 were practising their throwing and catching skills in the Cathal Brugha Barracks this week using the foam frisbees!