Science week fun in Room 8

Our 5th classes had a great time experimenting today! They checked water and wasp sting to learn their pH level! They then neutralised the wasp sting using an ointment! #ScienceWeek2021

Salty Science Eggs-periment

4th Class in Room 13 eggs-plored the concept of density this week.
We lowered a raw egg into a beaker of water and watched it sink to the bottom. We then used measuring spoons and added salt to make a water and salt solution.
Eggs-traordinarily, the egg floated up from the bottom as if it became lighter!
Care for the eggs-planation? An egg is denser than tap water so will not float. The addition of salt to the water meant that the water became denser than the egg and could float.
Some people in our class also noticed that the salt water stung if we had any cuts or scrapes on our fingers. We discussed how we sometimes use a saline solution to clean cuts or scrapes through a process called osmosis!

Aren’t We Acute? 🤸 🔺

This week in Maths we learned about lines and angles. We used our maths eyes to find examples of parallel, oblique and perpendicular lines and acute, obtuse and right angles in our school!


We even did some yoga and found lines and angles in the different poses! Check out our downward dog, tree pose and cow pose! 🤸

Room 1 go crazy for patterns

Room 1 have been learning about patterns. Our maths eyes have been on searching for patterns everywhere we go. Some children even wrote their own odd and even poems. We created beautiful pattern art using the initial of our first name. These can be spotted outside room 1. See how many patterns you can find!