Science fun in Room 7

Message – Room 7 have been very busy learning about electricity and making electrical circuits, putty and slime. We have launched rockets, made skittle rainbows and lava lamps. We have  erupted a volcano and created a tornado . We have grown crystals, inflated a balloon, balanced eggs, made fake snow and an electric magnet.

Gaeilge in Room 10

Some fantastic irish work from room 10 today! Maith sibh 😍

Pen licences in Room 7

Congratulatory song and dance at the presentation of Pen Licenses

Construction in Room 8

The construction of a Christmas village is well underway in Room 8! We are using cardboard boxes and creativity to bring to life a winter wonderland! Stay tuned for the finished result. 

Catapults in Room 10

Making catapults for Golden Time on Room 10 this week #stemfun