Pointers on pointillism in Room 13

This month we learned about the artist Georges Seurat who created pointillism. Pointillism is a type of painting that is done by using dots of colour instead of brush strokes. These little dots then come together to form pictures. When you are far away from the picture you might not see the dots, but as you get closer you see the dots more clearly. We took inspiration from him to create Christmas trees.

Pointers on Pointillism:

  • First take an A4 page, some paint and some cotton buds (in America they call them Q-tips)
  • Then, sketch a drawing using a pencil – it should be a simple drawing.
  • Next, dip your cotton bud into your paint.
  • Then, dot your paint onto your drawing. Build up colour in different areas.
  • Finally, your picture will be complete.

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