Learning about Daniel O’ Connell in Room 8

Room 8 are learning all about ‘The Liberator’, Daniel O’ Connell. We wrote speeches to imagine what he might have said during monster meetings and created silhouettes of him on tea-stained backgrounds.

Learning about France in Room 1

Room 1 are busing learning about France. We combined a French artist (Georges Seurat’s pointillism) with a French monument to create these beautiful Eiffel Tower art pieces.

Drama fun in Room 1

Room 1 have been working very hard on the topic of ollmhargadh and had great fun today acting out some naughty children shopping as Gaeilge!

Learning about Mexico in Room 5

Room 5 are learning all about Mexico. We made Ojo de Dios weaving craft.

In Mexico one is started to celebrate the birth of a new baby and more weaving is added every year until they are 5 years old.

Ours turned out so well!