Ming Vases in Room 13

As part of our study of China, we learned about Ming vases and created our very own!


Here’s how we did it:

To achieve the porcelain effect we first coloured our vases blue using oil pastels and then painted them using white chalk paint and used the reverse end of our paintbrush to etch our own designs and reveal the blue colour beneath the paint.


Ming Vases are made from Porcelain and have been sold for up to €1,200,000! Each design can be different and tells a story. Look closely at the designs on our vases and see if you can figure out the story it tells!


Construction in Room 13

Room 13 have been having fun with 3D shapes this week! Check out our constructions that we made using playdough and matchsticks!

lOVE-ly stuff from Room 5

We are looking forward to sharing the love in Room 5 this St. Valentine’s Day!

Panda-monium in Room 13

This past month Room 13 have been learning about the vast and diverse country of China. As part of this unit, we have been learning about the Giant Panda which is native to South Central China.We created these panda’s using a mixture of pencil, charcoals, and oil pastels.

We see your point! – decimals with Room 13

Last week we learned about decimals in Room 13 and dialled our maths eyes up a gear to find decimals in our environment. As part of our work on decimals we measured the members of our pods and ordered ourselves from tallest to shortest and had a lot of fun doing so!


Celebrating St. Brigid’s day with Room 5

We were learning all about St. Brigid. We learned how to make St. Brigid’s crosses. Although we didn’t have the rushes to make an authentic cross……………we tried something different!

Learning from an author in Room 5

We were lucky enough to join a live stream with author Simon James Green. We heard all about how he writes his funny mystery stories for kids.

It was very informative!

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Room 5

We learned all about the lantern festival in China and made our own lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Co-operative group work in Room 5

We were learning all about co-operating and working in a group this week. We learned what it takes to be a good member of a group.

We worked together to present information reports to the class. It was really great!