Book reviews with Room 10

Last Wednesday room 10 went out to the green to have a look at some amazing books reviews that were written during the St. Louis Reading Rocks Readathon!


Taekwondo Takeover in Room 13 🏅

Richard in Room 13 recently competed in a Taekwondo competition and taught us some of his patterns, a sequence of moves, which he had learned especially for his competition. Read Richard’s recount writing below!


On the 13th of March, I went to a competition. It was for the sport TKD-Taekwondo. When I went to my pattern group, which had 14 people in it, I ended up winning a silver medal. In my sparring group, which had 19 people in it, I took home a bronze medal which is 3rd place! I got pizza after the competition which made the day great!