Walking tour of Dublin

The 5th classes have been working hard on their Irish history around 1916.

We learned all about different places in Dublin and the role they played in The Easter Rising 1916.

We went today to lots of the sites around Dublin and got to see the historical buildings for ourselves.

We went to Dublin Castle, City Hall, The GPO, THE Royal College of Surgeons and St. Stephen’s Green.

We even got to see and airshow to celebrate 100 years of the Irish Air Corps. It was a great day filled with fun history and facts.



Ukraine-Inspired Folk Art for International Women’s Day in Room 13

It was International Women’s Day on 8th March. We chose to discuss Women in art and we learned that in the major art museums in America 87% of all the art in their collections is by male artists. We had class discussions about why there are not as many art pieces by women in these galleries and why we think this might be the case.


For International Women’s Day, we decided to take inspiration from a female artist called Maria Prymachenko. Maria Prymachenko is known for her unusual and colourful art. When she was a child, Maria was taken ill with polio and this painful illness had a big impact on her. Her family said Maria grew to be very thoughtful and considerate, having lots of compassion for all living things and so we decided this was why much of her art featured plants and animals.


We hope you like our art!