Keep your eyes PEELed for Room 13’s potato patch

The gardeners and horticulturalist’s of Room 13 were out in force today as we planted our seed potatoes in the school’s Millennium playground. We cannot wait to check up on our little potatoes progress when we return from the Easter break!

Room 13 having a wicket time at cricket!

Room 13 are having a wicket time at cricket! Thanks to Leinster Cricket Club for the wonderful lessons!

Room 13 were keeping the sea plastic free

The children in Room 13 went on a mission to make a difference this week. We went to Sandymount strand to partake in a beach clean and ocean plastics workshop. We learned so much about plastic, and plastic alternatives and had so much fun. We even found a mermaid’s purse! Thank you to @flossiebeachcl1 for such an enjoyable and informative workshop!

Pysanky eggs in Room 13

The children in Room 13 created their own Pysanky eggs for Easter. To create our Pysanky eggs, we used a wax-resist method. We drew out designs on our egg with crayon and then placed the eggs in food colouring. The areas that we decorated with crayon resisted the food-colouring and resulted in beautifully decorated eggs!