Spud-tacular times for Room 13

It’s safe to say they are thriving under the care of Room 13 as the shoots have shot up from just 3cm on the 27th April to an incredible 78cm on the 25th of May! That’s 75cm of growth in just 4 weeks. We are delighted with our potatoes progress and are looking forward to harvesting them very soon!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Pharaoh-ist of them all?

The students of Room 13 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. This past week they have been busy transforming themselves into Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

What do you think? Are these the best Pharaohs you’ve ever seen? Or are you in de-Nile?

Music appreciation!

2nd and 3rd class had a lovely morning listening to members of the St. Louis Orchestra play some beautiful instruments. We also learned all about the four instrument families: brass, wind, string and percussion. We were so impressed with all the talented musicians in our school!

Capacity with Room 11

This week in Room 11 we are learning all about Capacity. Today we made the most of the lovely sun and we went out to measure the capacity of different containers using non-standard units 🙂