Interview with an Author: John Boyne

The students in Rooms 4, 14 and 17 were incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to meet and greet John Boyne; author of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. We had just finished a unit of study on the novel and were very excited to ask him questions about the book, the Writing Process and the adaptation of the book to the film.

It was very inspiring to hear him talk about following his dreams and becoming such a successful author. He also gave us some fascinating insights into the creation of his characters in the novel and even revealed his favourite part of the book itself.


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RTÉ make a visit to Sixth class in Room 14

We had a really exciting day in 6th class, Room 14 on Wednesday just past March 28th…RTÉ came to film Mr. Mooney and the class as they learned about “buying Irish”. We discovered the importance of really examining labels on food to find out where they come from. We were surprised to find out that many products which we thought were Irish were actually from different countries. We were also amazed to discover that if each Irish household was to spend just €4 more on Irish goods 6,000 jobs would be created!!

Watch out for us on “The Consumer Show” on RTÉ One from April 10th at 8.30pm. we will feature in the episode on April 17th 🙂 Exciting times!!!

Room 14; Christmas Dioramas :)

In preparaton for Christmas; Sixth class in Room 14 constructed 3D Christmas scenes (dioramas) using shoe boxes, cereal boxes, card, crepe paper, papier maché and other available materials. We had lots of fun deciding on our scenes, painting the background and learning how to create the 3D effect by constructing the middle and foreground.

We all hope you had a lovely Christmas; everyone in Room 14 would like to wish the students, staff, family and friends of St. Louis a very happy new year in 2012!

Rm 14; Rathmines History trail

To conclude our sixth class projects on the History of Rathmines Room 14 went on a History trail around Rathmines. We observed the signs of History in our locality and we learned lots of interesting information about the church, the library, the town hall, St. Mary’s College, Belgrave Park, the Bleeding Horse Pub, the Grand Canal, the old Kodak building, the Post Office and even the houses along William’s Park. We were lucky enough to be given some time to have a snack in the peaceful Sacred Space room in Rathmines church. We tracked the route of the Swan River; which now flows underground, examined shopfronts along the Rathmines road and finished our trail in Belgrave park after passing James Joyce’s childhood home on Castlewood Avenue.


Room 14; Tree Day Activities

As part of our National Tree Day Activities we visited St Stephen’s Green and had lots of fun tree hugging and making our own Room 14 tree! 🙂 In sixth class we’re studying the ash tree and will be looking at some in more detail at the final stop of our History trail in Belgrave park. When we came back to school we had time for a few minutes play in the Millennium playground.



Room 14; Audience with Colin Bateman :)

To celebrate ‘All-Ireland Poetry Day’ Rm 14 were lucky enough to attend an audience with Crime writer Colin Bateman. Colin Bateman writes novels for adults and children alike and has even written screenplays for a number of television series and films!! He read from two of his books and allowed us to interview him afterwards. He gave us some great tips for writing our own stories 😀