The Chocolate Warehouse

The Chocolate Warehouse was so much fun. I learned the history of chocolate and I wish I could go there again! – Charienne – Room 15

The Chocolate Warehouse was brilliant and everyone had a good time! – Daniel – Room 15


5th class canal trip!

We really enjoyed our trip and learned so much about the canal. – Nene-Room 15

I enjoyed learning about the creatures that live in and around the canal.- Cormac-Room 15

I really liked doing my project on the canal. Thanks Eanna! – Alexandra – Room 15


Room 15 – Music

In groups, boys and girls in Room 15 played the scale of C on chime bars and desk bells.

Room 15 – Art

5th class created wonderful Easter baskets from clay which they decorated with paint and crepe paper. The boys and girls in Room 15 also had fun making their own sponge paintings. They look great!

Art by Room 15

The boys and girls in 5th class completed a history project on Native Americans. They had the chance to create Native American scenes and also Native American tipis in connection with this project. In other art classes pupils had fun with fabric and also considered some of their favourite things!


Friendship Fortnight

5th classes attended an anti bullying drama and workshop in the hall.  5th classes learned a lot about cyber bullying and had the chance to play some fun drama games also!


Science Week fun!

Room 15 were very busy during Science Week! We had great fun finding out what kitchen items were acids or bases. We also really enjoyed discovering how water travels through a plant.


Room 15’s Halloween Art!

Room 15 created symmetrical Halloween pictures this week! They look great!