The Chocolate Warehouse!

Last Friday the 5th Classes visited The Chocolate Warehouse.

We learned so much about the History of Chocolate, where it comes from and how it is processed into the chocolate that we buy in stores. It was so interesting!

We also had the chance to watch how Easter eggs are made and the best part was enrobing, decorating and then packaging our own chocolates to bring home!

A Visit To The Canal!

The 5th classes were lucky enough to visit the canal this year with Eanna Ni Lamhna. Eanna told them all about the canal and it’s history. Then they carried out experiments and tested the water in the canal.

Afterwards the pupils wrote up projects using all their new information and knowledge of the canal! It was great fun!

Thank you Eanna!

Room 16 – Got To Dance!

Recently in P.E we danced! Room 16 were very creative with their dance moves! To finish it all off we had a special Wii Dancethon! It was great fun!!

The Gardaí Came to Visit!

The Gardaí have been in to visit the 5th classes recently. On their first visit they showed us how a court case works. Some pupils from the class acted as the characters of the judge, the accused, the defendant and witnesses in the trial.  It was great fun!

This week the Gardaí came to talk to us about Cyber Bullying. We learned a lot!!

Room 16 are getting ready for Christmas with some reindeer art!!

We had great fun in Room 16 creating these reindeer for the festive season!

Room 16 – Spooky Halloween Art!

Today Room 16 painted some spooky trees for Halloween!

Room 16 Are Playing Tag Rugby!

Room 16  have been learning to play tag rugby for the past few weeks and it has been great fun so far. The class are learning lots of new rugby skills (throwing the ball backwards!) and its been great to practice our teamwork too! Great exercise and great fun! Everyone was running so fast the camera couldn’t keep up! 😉

Room 16 – In The Computer Room

We were very busy this week typing up and designing our own timelines for our history class. We used Microsoft Word to type up our timelines and then we personalised them by inserting different shapes and pictures from clipart!

We were very pleased with our results!

Room 16 – Crazy Hair!

Room 16 were busy drawing this month. We drew ‘Crazy Hair’ pictures and used lots of wonderful, bright colours to enhance our drawings!

Room 16 started swimming on Friday!

Room 16 started swimming on Friday. It was great fun and they are all looking forward to next week already!