Cracking the code in Room 5

We were learning all about circuits and electricity in science. We learned about Morse Code and were practicing sending messages to each other using light and electricity. We tried to send messages from further and further distances!

It was great fun!

Park fun with Room 8

Room 8 having fun in the park!

Astronomy in Room 16

Room 16 created their own pinhole projectors to safely view the solar eclipse. Take a look at our budding astronomers in action!

Super Hero Art in Room 5

The boys and girls were very creative in Room 6 and came up with their own super hero.

They designed their outfits and wrote about their background! It was great!

Sports Day fun with Room 16

Room 16 had tremendous fun as we participated in Sports Day! We ran, jumped, hopped and crawled our way through a fun-filled day!

Sports Day fun with Room 6

Sports Day was great this year!

Carnivale fun with Room 6

We all had great fun at Carnivale!

Report writing with Room 5

We were learning about report writing. We all chose 3 Olympic sports that feature in the Summer Olympic games and we had to write a report on them. We displayed them together on the notice boards at the front of the school.

It was great to learn so much about so many new sports!

Carnivale with Room 6

We had great fun celebrating Carnivale.

Sports day with Room 6

We had so much fun!