Orienteering in Room 1

Room 1 did orienteering for PE. They had lots of fun!

Medal winners at Santry Sports

The boys and girls in St. Louis were training hard to prepare for the Santry Sports competition.

All of the boys and girls competed very well and some of the pupils even won medals.

Well done to Kate, Georgi and Ruby!

What a great achievement!



Santry 2019

This year lots of boys and girls competed in the Santry athletics competition.

Well done to all involved.

PAWS certificates presented in the school

Room 11 were delighted to be presented with certificates to say that they had completed the PAWS Programme. Water safety is so important-especially as they undertake swimming lessons with St. Louis for the first time! Well done room 11 for all your hard work.


Orienteering in Room 10

In Room 10 we had a fantastic morning orienteering. We worked on our map reading and teamwork skills.

Getting out PAWS certificates

Well done to all of the boys and girls that completed their PAWS water safety training and received their certificates this year.

The whole school learned all about water safety.

Here are some pictures of some of the pupils in the school that got their certificates.

High jump practice with Mr. Coghlan

Today Room 15 did some high jump practice with Mr. Coghlan in Halla Cullen.

It was great to learn the technique and jump so high!

Thanks so much to Mr. Coghlan and the pupils from his class who helped out.

High jumpers in Room 12

The boys and girls in Room 12 were with Mr. Coghlan to learn all about the high jump.

It was great fun.