Active School Dance 2019

All of the pupils and teachers went to the yard today and took part in our Active Dance. We celebrated being awarded our second Active Flag!

It was a great day! Well done everyone!

Active Week 2019 Day #5

The whole school was very busy on the last day of Active Week 2019.

There was a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session with some classes from Ms. Doherty.

Some other classes took part in soccer stations with Ms. Clerkin, Mr. Whelan and Ms. Neill.

We then all took part in the school dance and had a dance party.

We finished with raising out second Active Flag with our wonderful Active Committee!

Active Week 2019 Day #4

Thursday was such a busy and active day in St. Louis SPS!

We had some classes learning basketball skills from Jolie who comes from America.

Mr. Whelan was teaching some great hurling skills to the senior classes.

Mark from Sport in Schools came in with some fantastic gymnastics equipment and taught classes some great gymnastics skills.

Well done everyone!

Active Week 2019 Day #3

The weather was against us on day 3 of Active Week but that didn’t stop us being as active as possible!

Mr Mooney ran an amazing yoga lesson in the hall all day and lots of classes got to enjoy his amazing talent.

Other classes took part in classroom based activities like 10@10, go noodle and classroom HIIT sessions.

Well done everyone!

Active Week 2019 Day #2

On day 2 we had lots more activities. We started with Wake up, Shake up activities in the yard.

Then we had sports day all day in Kenilworth Park.

Ms Kilcommons was very busy in the top yard with relays, co-operative games and parachute games.

Áine also came into the school and taught us all about frisbee.

Mr. Mooney hosted a 90’s dance party in the hall all day with classics such as ‘Saturday Night’, ‘The Macarena’ and ‘Rock The Boat’ .

Well done to all the teachers who were involved in this super active day!

Active Week 2019 Day #1

Active Week 2019 officially kicked off on Monday with lots of fun activities.

We had a whole school Wake Up, Shake Up workout in the big yard before school.

Some classes learned all about athletics and practiced their skills with our athletics expert Ms. Daniels.

Other classes did lots of activities in stations with Ms. Clerkin and the pupils in Room 15.

Well done everyone!

Active Week 2018 Day #5

On Friday Mr. Whelan was teaching 2nd class lots of hurling skills.

The other classes got to use their dodging skills in games of dodge ball.

It was a super end to a busy Active Week!!


Active Week 2018 Day #4

On Thursday the pupils took part in lots more fun activities. Some pupils dod some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Ms. Doherty. Some other classes were practicing running drills with Ms. Daniels and others were doing yoga with Mr. Mooney.

The classes were also busy in their own rooms doing 10@10 activities and yoga too.

In the afternoon we all came together in the yard to do a school dance and then we had a dance party.

It was a great day!!