Competition winners in Room 3

Well done to Aayan, Areesha and Tommy who won the Halloween Poster Competition in Room 3!

Happy Halloween from Room 6

Happy Halloween from all in Room 6! A big thank you to Luke’s Mam for doing an Art lesson with us over Zoom. We had great fun making our spooky Halloween Candle Holders.

Art exhibition trip for Room 9

Admiring the Halloween Art work from the P. A competition.

Halloween Art in Room 5

Check out our spooky Hallo0ween houses!

Pumpkin carving in Room 11

Room 11 carved a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween! First, we did some procedural writing so that we knew what steps to take. We did a vote and decided to name our pumpkin Majiapple!

Sugar skills in Room 1

Room 1 were learning about Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead). We learned that it is a happy 3 day celebration that starts on Halloween. Skulls are constant emblem of it and they are often seen smiling and “laughing at death”. The skulls are always very colourful so that was our aim!

Happy Halloween from Room 5

The pupils in Room 5 were busy drawing some scary Frankenstein art this week.

Monster art in Room 14

These monster are ready for the Parent Association’s sponsored Monster Mosh!!


Artwork in Room 17

These are pictures of room 17’s Japanese Kabuki masks for Hallowe’en.