Marbling in Room 1

During English this week, room 1 have been exploring different art forms including paper maché, paper dolls and marbling . We decided to try our hand at one of them! We learned that this art process happens as oil and water don’t mix and oil floats to the top with the food colouring creating beautiful patterns. Our beautiful art can be spotted in room 1!

Learning about the skeleton in Room 4

In Room 4, we are learning all about The Skeletal System.
Today we made a life-sized skeleton! We had lots of fun while we have learned the names of many different bones and muscles in our bodies.

Symmetry in Georgian Dublin

Room 5 were learning all about Georgian Dublin in History and features of a Georgian building.

We used charcoal to draw symmetrical pictures in art.

Room 15 – perspective art

Room 15, 6th class were drawing some aquariums using perspective view in art.

Masks in Room 7

Super Hero Art in Room 5

The boys and girls were very creative in Room 6 and came up with their own super hero.

They designed their outfits and wrote about their background! It was great!

Carnivale fun with Room 6

We all had great fun at Carnivale!

Mosaic art with Room 3

Room 3 experimented with some mosaic art inspired by The Ancient Romans!