Super Hero Art in Room 5

The boys and girls were very creative in Room 6 and came up with their own super hero.

They designed their outfits and wrote about their background! It was great!

Carnivale fun with Room 6

We all had great fun at Carnivale!

Mosaic art with Room 3

Room 3 experimented with some mosaic art inspired by The Ancient Romans!

Carnivale masks with Room 3

Look at our fantastic carnival masks!

Room 5 – Carnivale preperation

Room 5 were busy preparing for Carnivale by making some posters to decorate the yard.

Bluebell art with Room 11

Room 11 drew bluebells for May Day!

Making pie charts in Room 13

Room 13 were painting during yesterday’s Maths lesson! Each pod came up a question to collect data on.  They then surveyed the class to collect their data. They then created and painted Pie Charts to represent this data. Check out our display on the top corridor to learn what our favourite subjects are, which class novels we’ve enjoyed most this year, to learn which projects we’ve enjoyed doing and lastly, what the most preferred PE activity is!

Room 16 – Easter Rising 1916

Room 16 working collaboratively on their 1916 Easter Rising groups projects. Creativity, teamwork and research skills are being shown in abundance! Keep up the great work Room 16!

Engineers in Room 1

Engineering is problem solving and being creative in the way you think. Room 1 became engineers and made wind turbines, explored the best ways to make card towers and made things with links!