Learning about France in Room 1

Room 1 are busing learning about France. We combined a French artist (Georges Seurat’s pointillism) with a French monument to create these beautiful Eiffel Tower art pieces.

Learning about Mexico in Room 5

Room 5 are learning all about Mexico. We made Ojo de Dios weaving craft.

In Mexico one is started to celebrate the birth of a new baby and more weaving is added every year until they are 5 years old.

Ours turned out so well!

Biscuit decoration in Room 10

Biscuit decorating to get in the Christmas spirit today πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Pointers on pointillism in Room 13

This month we learned about the artist Georges Seurat who created pointillism. Pointillism is a type of painting that is done by using dots of colour instead of brush strokes. These little dots then come together to form pictures. When you are far away from the picture you might not see the dots, but as you get closer you see the dots more clearly. We took inspiration from him to create Christmas trees.

Pointers on Pointillism:

  • First take an A4 page, some paint and some cotton buds (in America they call them Q-tips)
  • Then, sketch a drawing using a pencil – it should be a simple drawing.
  • Next, dip your cotton bud into your paint.
  • Then, dot your paint onto your drawing. Build up colour in different areas.
  • Finally, your picture will be complete.

Room 5 Christmas Village

What a display!!!

Construction is nearly complete!

The Room 5 Christmas Village is getting the finishing touches today!

World War projects in Room 15

We were working hard learning about World War 1. We completed projects and artwork.