Room 11 – dream houses

Room 11 have been discovering the different properties of various materials to decide which ones would suit our dream houses! We designed our dream houses before adding some materials to it. There were some whacky houses- would you like to live in an upside down house?

Celebrating mothers in Room 12

Check out this lovely Mother’s Day art from Room 12!

Fighting words with Room 12

Room 12 were very lucky to be invited to a Fighting Words workshop. This workshop was set up by the author Roddy Doyle. Everyone wrote a story together and created characters. Illustrators, editors and publishers were on hand to help. It was a fantastic day!

Mothers Day celebrations in Room 11

Room 11 designed unique Mother’s Day cards for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or any other special person in their lives who ¬†helps to takes care of them. They wanted to show them just how thankful they are.

Artist of the Month in Room 15

Every month in Room 15 we learn about a different artist.

In February we learned about Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

He was most famous for using primary colours and geometric shapes.

The pupils in Room 15 were inspired by Mondrian and they created their own pieces of geometric art.

Well done!

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Room 11

Room 11 were learning about the amazing celebration of Chinese New Year. We learned about how they celebrate the occasion which includes a Dragon dance where people dress up in masks and costumes and do really cool dances. To celebrate, we made our own Dragon dance masks!

We hope you like them!