Great project work in Room 16

Room 16 has done tremendous work on our projects of countries around the world! We all learned lots of new facts about countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and even South America. Take a look at our super country explorers!

Tree spotting in Room 6

Tree spotting! To celebrate National Tree Day, room 6 took a stroll to Leinster Road to check out some of the trees. Here we are sketching the trees and showing some of our artistic skills too!

Mask art in Room 6

What’s hidden behind our masks.. All the positive adjectives about us here in Room 6!

ipad work in Room 11

We used the iPads today! We played maths games, Irish games and got some inspiration for our spooky Halloween art competition. We worked with our partners and had great fun!

Celebrating Tree Day in Room 16

We celebrated National Tree Day in room 16 by creating beautiful tree designs!

Tree day in Room 9

Horse Chestnut Tree Day Out. We took rubbings of the tree’s leaves and collected conkers.

Tree Day in Room 11

We had a fantastic time on our tree hunt to celebrate Tree Day! We did some leaf rubbings into our copies and talked about the different types of trees near our school. We also have our very own oak sapling, which Matthew kindly brought from his garden! Annie kindly brought in some oak leaves, conkers and acorns too! We understand the importance of trees in our ecosystem. We love trees in room 11!

Artist of the month in Room 5

This month we were learning all about Vincent van Gogh. We were looking and responding to a lot of his different pieces of work over his lifetime and learned about his life.

We took inspiration from his work called ‘Starry Night’ and created our own pictures using chalk pastels.

They look great!


Back to school in Room 13

Room 13 had a wonderful September, settling back into the routine of school very well. We worked really hard and learned lots about different things, including the History of St Louis, the Mountains, Rivers and Deserts of the world. Have a look at our timelines and map work in the pictures posted! We’re also reading Charlottes Web at the moment, which is really relevant as it’s all about friendship and we’re celebrating Friendship Fortnight on our school. We love the quote “Friendship is one of the most satisfying things in the world”. We’ve also done some Autumnal Art we’d like you to see! Some of us used paint to colour, while others used colouring pencils and markers.

Freindship Fortnight in Room 11

We are celebrating Friendship Fortnight in room 11! We made flowers and listed different ways to be a good friend in each petal!