Learning about forces in Room 7 – Forces and Energy

The children in Room 7 3rd class did an experiment on Forces and Energy, exploring the effects of friction on different ramp surfaces. They  integrated measuring in Maths  using meter sticks to measure the distance the cars travelled on ramps at varioius heights and with various levels of friction using a variety of ramps with sandpaper, carpet, corrugated cardboard and smooth wooden surfaces. 

Room 5 – Learning about living things – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 5 planted beans and have observed them growing in their classroom.


Learning about materials in Room 12 – Materials and Change

We are learning about natural and manmade materials in Science. Today we made abstract art using materials we found outside or at home. 

BT Young Scientists awards – Showcase Event

Room 6 and Mr. Roche attended the Young Scientists Awards. They were showing their experiment all about whether the use of digital games would improve their table’s test score.

They also got to see lots of other experiments and tests.

It was a great day.

Silhouette art in Room 15 – Forces and Energy

With Mr. Lane, the pupils created their own figures using tin foil. Using these figures they were able to shine a torch on one side to create a silhouette. They were learning about shadows and light.

The pupils then sketched the figures onto the paper.

Well done everyone!

Science experiments in Room 15 – Materials and Change

The pupils in Room 15 were learning about acids and bases and were testing different substances.

We used litmus paper to figure out if a substance was an acid or a base and we used the colour scale to find out its pH level.

Room 12 – learning about weight – Maths

Room 12 are learning about weight in Maths!

Room 12 – learning about measurement – Ourselves and Living Things

Room 5 helping Room 12 measure their body parts for Maths.

Rainbows in Room 12 – Forces and Energy

Room 12 were busy in science creating rainbows using light!

Room 12 – Maths with 6th class

The boys and girls in Room 5 were making new maths games and went to the second classes to play the games with them.

Everybody had great fun learning maths through new games and activities.