Friction in Room 7 – Forces and energy

Room 7  were learning about friction in science. They were testing various surfaces on a ramp to measure how far the roller would travel depending on the friction level on each of the 4 ramps.

They used metre sticks for their measurements. The ramps were all at the same height to make sure the test was fair.


Room 2 – Visit UCD to make rockets – Energy and forces

Room 3 were invited to UCD by Sam’s Dad Tom. We learned all about the planets and used water pressure to create rockets. We got to design the rockets too.

It was a great day!


Observing a wormery – Living things

Room 12 built a wormery using layers of soil and sand. The observed the worms creating their tunnels.

Technology and coding – Technology

The pupils in Room 6 used Python to code the inputs and outputs of a raspberry Pi to record light levels using an LDR (light detecting resistor) and capacitor.

The light levels were recorded in Python and the code turned on and off an LED depending on the readings on the light sensor.

Powerpoints in Room 15 – Technology

The pupils in Room 15 were learning how to create their own PowerPoint presentations to share their learning on The Burren, Co. Clare.



Making paper planes in Room 17 – Maths and forces and energy

The pupils in Room 17 designed their own paper planes while learning about forces and energy. They used different designs to investigate how far the plane would travel.

They recorded the data on tables and used metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure how far the planes travelled.