Room 15 visit UCD science department – Forces and energy

The boys and girls in Room 15 were invited to UCD science department by Ben’s dad Tom. He told us all about the planets and the moon and sun.

We got to make our own rockets using air pressure and water.

It was such a great day. Thanks to Tom for organising.



Making coil pots in Room 7

Room 7 were very busy making clay coil pots.

They wrote and typed a procedure to follow to make your own coil pot.

Well done everyone.

Building bridges in Room 15 – Engineering

Room 15 (5th class) were learning about balance and suspension with Ms. Ray.

We built bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows and made suspension with string. The bridges had to be strong enough to balance.

Maths stations in Room 15 – Capacity

Room 15 were busy learning about capacity in maths.

Ms. Ray made 3 stations and we each got to go to all of them.

There was an interactive game for measuring, making smoothies based on different capacities and estimating and measuring.

It was great fun.

5th class trip on a barge – Engineering

The 5th classes have been learning about the Grand Canal and were lucky enough to go on a barge trip this week.

We went onto the barge and learned how the locks work through engineering. The lock keeper showed us how the locks work.

It was so interesting.

Thanks to Ms. Hartigan for organising this brilliant trip.

Room 3 – Learning about planets – technology

Room 3 researched online about the solar system and made projects about the planets.


5th classes learning about The Grand Canal – Environmental awareness and care

The boys and girls in 5th class were learning all about the Grand Canal.

Eanna Ní Lamhna who is an Irish biologist came in to the school to talk about the history of the canal and the things you might see there.

Then we went to the canal and studied the flora (flowers) and fauna (wildlife/animals) that were present at the canal.

It was great fun and we learned so much and we learned how important it is to keep the water in the canal clean to protect all the living things.

Room 6 – busy with the scratch computer programme – technology

The boys and girls in Room 6 were busy creating projects using the scratch computer programme. They can also work on their projects at home.

Room 6 – using electricity – Energy and forces

Room 6 were busy making electricity quiz boards. They learned how to complete multiple circuits. They were able to ask each other quiz questions and check if the answer was correct by lighting the bulbs and using electricity.

Using graphs in Room 6 – maths and science

Mr. Roche’s class were busy testing their fitness levels. They then worked on their fitness and coordination and tested the levels again. They used a spreadsheet to enter all of the information before and after improving their fitness levels.

They used graphs to show the differences.