Magic moments from Room 5

We were learning about procedural writing in Room 5. We were learning different magic tricks.

We got to perform our procedural magic tricks for the rest of our class.

Mr. Nally and Ms. Hanrahan were even part of our audience. Our minds were blown with the great magic.

Well done everyone!

Drama fun in Room 1

Room 1 have been working very hard on the topic of ollmhargadh and had great fun today acting out some naughty children shopping as Gaeilge!

Famine drama in Room 12

Still images in drama showing the difficult times during the Great Irish Famine.

Drama in Room 3

We wrote dramas in our pods and made some props for them too!

Dramatic Christmas readings in Room 17

Room 17 decided to put on their own version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas” and would like to share the joy and spread the Christmas cheer to the entire school community.




Famine Freeze frames in Room 13

In Room 13, we are learning all about the Famine. As a drama lesson, we created freeze frames in our pods to depict different famine situations. Can you guess which pod is showing an eviction, which is showing a soup kitchen, which is showing a work house and which is showing a coffin ship?

SPHE in Room 3

We discussed difficult conversations today in SPHE. We spoke about what might make a conversation difficult and then we ordered conversation scenarios from least to most difficult. We had great fun acting out our scenarios afterwards and trying to guess the right scenario!

Gaeilge fun in Room 3

We enjoyed using our new Halloween vocabulary in Gaeilge. After writing our Oíche Shamhna stories in small groups we read and acted them for the class!

News reporting in Room 10

Here are some photos of room 10 acting as new reporters and gathering information from journalists and eyewitnesses for the Room 10 News!!

Celebrating World Book Day in Room 1

The boys and girls in Room 1 dressed up as their favourite character in a book this week.

They then described the character and the plot of the book. Some pupils just wanted to describe their favourite book too.

It was a super day!