Platform concert 2018

Lots of pupils auditioned to be a part of the platform concert this year. Some people made it through the auditions and onto the stage.

Well done to all who auditioned and all who took part.

Drama in Room 14

Room 14 have been basing their last few Drama lessons around stories from our English lessons. We’ve explored strategies such as hot-seating, conscience alley and working on our improvisation skills.

Room 14 – Drama

Room 14 were working on their improvisation skills when, in groups, they put together a small drama based on a story they were working on in English. We had great fun performing them in front of the class.



Room 7 – Interviewing Santa and the reindeer

The boys and girls in Room 7 were practicing their interview skills and were asking questions of Santa and Rudolph during a drama and English lesson

On the day of the Christmas holidays there looked great in their own clothes as there was a no uniform day.

Dramatics in Room 15!

Students in Room 15 were putting their improvisation skills to the test this week when they had to put together a short drama piece based on a theme that Ms. Neill gave them.

It was really great turning our classroom into a theatre!!

Garda mock trial in Room 15

Garda Gerry and Garda Brendan visited our class to do a mock trial with the pupils. Some pupils got to be in the trial, some pupils were questioning the witnesses and others were in the jury!

It was really interesting to learn about.


Christmas concerts 2014

Last Thursday the boys and girls in the school were treated to some fantastic Christmas concerts.

The pupils in 3rd, 4th and 5th class worked very hard on their singing, dancing and drama skills to create such wonderful concerts.

Well done to everyone involved!!

Room 14 – Actors at work!

The boys and girls in Room 14 were busy creating pieces of drama.

Second class storytime!

The second classes all came together to hear another wonderful story told by Mr. Bermingham.

The story was called ‘Bothar na Mias – The Road of the Flying Dishes’.

We had lots of fun listening to this wonderful Irish story.

Room 14 dramatics!

The boys and girls were being very dramatic recently! They got to perform in front of an audience.

Well done!